Trail Race Etiquette:

Trails are mostly about freedom, but we have some trail etiquette reminders for a safe, fair, and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Respect the Environment

    • Discard of trash properly

    • Stay on the trial (no shortcuts)

  2. Stay Right, Pass on Left

    • Yield to faster runners by stepping to the right

    • Runners going out on the out-and-back (8K/16K course only) should step right and yield to runners coming back

  3. Listen for Runners

    • (If you must listen to music) earbud levels should be low enough to hear runners coming up from behind

  4. Compete Cordially

    • Encourage one another

    • Keep bib exposed on your front shirt or shorts (especially at the finish, the 8k/16K turnaround, and the 16K split).

    • Respect the final decisions of the race director and the race timing team