Trail Race Etiquette & Logistics

Trails are mostly about freedom, but we have some trail etiquette reminders for a safe, fair, and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Gun Time Finish (Overall Winners) & Chip Time Finish (Age Division Winners)

    • Overall male and female winners of each race (6, 12, 24 Mile) will be the first place gun-time finisher (Not chip time!). First male and female runner in each race to cross the finish line are designated overall winners

      • Overall male and female winners are not eligible for age division awards

      • Age division male and female winners and all other finish times are determined by chip time

      • 24 mile runners who drop at the 12 mile mark will receive a chip time and a finisher’s woodallion, but are not eligible for 12 mile overall or age division awards.

  2. 24-mile Race Cut Off Times

    • 12-mile Turnaround 3 hours

    • 18-mile Turnaround 4.5 hours

    • 24-mile Finish 6 hours

  3. Drop Bags Locations

    • Start/Finish for All Runners

    • 6/12/24 Mile Aid Station for 24 & 12 Mile Runners

      • 24 & 12 Mile Runners can leave drop bags at start/finish by 7 AM to be transported to 6/12/18 mile turnaround

        • These drop bags will be back at the start finish by 12 pm and Hop Garden by 1:30 PM

  4. Aid Stations

    • 3 Locations: Start/Finish/12 Mile Turnaround (All runners), Hwy D Crossing Mile 2.75ish (All Runners), Hughes Rd Turnaround Mile 6/18 (12 & 24 Milers)

    • Aid Station Items: Water, Gatorade, Ice, Pickles, Trail mix, Chips, Soda, Bananas, Cookies, Oranges

    • Manual Pump Well Water Miles 5ish & 7ish (12 & 24 milers)

  5. Out-and-Back Etiquette

    • Runners going out from the start line on the out-and-back portion of the race course should step right and yield to runners coming back to the finish (Very important this race!)

      • Out-and-back etiquette exception: On downhills, runners going uphill should step right and yield to runners going downhill regardless of the out-and-back scenario.

  6. Stay Right, Pass on Left

    • Yield to faster runners by stepping to the right

  7. Communicate

    • Be decisive in communicating with other runners

    • Common Jargon:

      • “Runner Up” - signals runners behind you of oncoming runner. Also, sometimes used by downhill or returning runners (from an out-and-back) to get oncoming runners to step aside.

      • “Runner Back” - signals runners in front of you of a runner passing

      • "Passing on your Left” - signals to runner in front of you your intentions to pass

  8. Listen for Runners

    • (If you must listen to music) earbud levels should be low enough to hear other runners

  9. Respect the Environment

    • Discard of trash properly

    • Stay on the trial (no shortcuts)

  10. Compete Cordially

    • Encourage one another

    • Keep bib exposed on your front shirt or shorts (especially at the finish & the turnarounds)

    • Respect the final decisions of the race director and the race timing team

  11. No Pets on Race Route

    • Due to the large number of participants & the narrow trails, we do not allow dogs on the race route. This is for the safety of the runners & furry friends.

  12. Post-Race Lounging

    • Lounging is a post-trail race tradition.

    • Please bring your lawn chairs and stay a while and enjoy our post-race party at the Hop Garden